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Hypnosis is a time and cost effective, non-invasive, non-addictive approach which allows clients to make positive personal changes in their lives.

As a Certified Hypnotic Consultant, I use hypnosis with individuals wanting to reduce their stress, fears and anxiety; change negative emotions into positive; remove emotional blocks; increase their self-esteem and confidence or improve their focus.

It can also be helpful in dealing with the emotional and physical side effects of cancer and for people dealing with pain management.

For those of you who are apprehensive about hypnosis I have included an article on the misconceptions of hypnosis in my blog section. If you are interested in receiving my brochure on hypnosis you can email me at

Many of us live stress filled lives and we don’t deal well with stress.

We all over react at times and seem to behave irrationally.

We all have habits or compulsive behaviours. When any of these are negatively affecting our relationships, our well being, our happiness or enjoyment of life then it might be a good idea to make some changes.

Change is easier said than done.

We usually don’t know what causes these behaviours, these thoughts, these over reactions.

The conscious mind is not aware of the causes, but the subconscious mind knows. Hypnosis is a state of being that allows you to contact the subconscious directly without going through the conscious mind.

In your first hypnotic session, we define goals you want to work on.

If you are willing to continue I will guide you through a hypnotic session. It takes about two hours.

To reinforce the goals you have chosen you will be taught a self-hypnotic exercise that you will do every day until the next session.

Self-hypnosis reinforces your goal and demonstrates your determination to change.

It usually takes 2-3 additional sessions, which are 45 minutes long, to attain desired results.

It must be emphasized that I am only the guide in this process. You do the work by following the suggestions you agreed to and you make the changes that you are willing to make.

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