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Our bodies are energy systems and when these energy systems are disrupted or depleted illness can occur. Negative emotions and thoughts disrupt and deplete. Hence the need to learn to manage our energy by managing our thoughts and emotions. This can be difficult because humans are taught certain beliefs which determine their thoughts and emotional responses to situations. Why is it that certain things set us off?  In the course of interacting with our environment we can be positively or negatively impacted energetically. Or we can learn not to be impacted at all. With help, individuals can release deep seated beliefs, negative emotions and blockages which can negatively impact cell frequency and suppress the immune system.

My Approach and Modalities

I am a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, an international body based in the U.S. I also have a Masters Degree in Sociology from McMaster University with an emphasis on Social Psychology. My perspective is heavily influenced by 15 years of study with disciples of a Tibetan Lama and a native Shaman from Northern B.C.

To summarize my approach, I review a person’s history and present life to ascertain how they lose or maintain energy in the course of living.

We then look at how they might adjust their beliefs and perspective to gain a better balance.


The individual is given tools to manage their energy, thoughts and emotions in order to deal more elegantly with the challenges they face.

Within our body’s energy system healthy cells vibrate at a certain frequency which allows them to maintain blood flow, receive nutrients and oxygen and give off waste material. We are born with a self-healing program. Energy work and hypnosis gives us the tools to heal ourselves, to change the frequency of cells and break energetic blockages.

Every cell has a memory. Emotions, negative memories, physical and psychological trauma are recorded at a cellular level and within the subconscious. Cellular memory is the health control mechanism for the cell. Negative cellular memory can cause cells to shift to an unhealthy cell frequency and become susceptible to illness and disease. We want cells to be in a growth mode where they are impervious to disease.

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